The Joyful Noise

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Years ago, in the early 70's, at Meadows of Dan Baptist Church, in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, several young people formed a group called the "Gang Busters".  It was a youth group that endeavored to spread the "Word" especially to young people.

One evening, the "Gang Busters" were having a rally at Green Mountain Church.  Bill Banks was asked to join them and play his autoharp and sing a couple songs.  Two other young men, Gary Smith & Duke Turman, also members of the "Gang Busters", were present at this rally.  Gary played the drums and Duke played the bass.  After the rally Gary made the suggestion that the three of them should form a band and play together.  They got together a few times to practice some songs and had their first gig at Fuller Memorial Baptist Church.  Dr. Cort Flint was the pastor of Meadows of Dan Baptist Church and his wife, Ilene, came up with the name for the threesome.
Hence, the birth of "The Joyful Noise".

Dr. Flint happened to know Arthur Smith and within 2 weeks of the group's formation they found themselves in Charlotte, NC at Arthur Smith's recording studio.  There, in 1971, "The Joyful Noise" recorded their first album entitled "Sunrise".  The group gained much attention and starting playing all around the area.  Another friend of Gary & Duke's, Mike Wood (guitar), joined the group and before they knew it they
were back in the studio in 1972 and recorded their 2nd album "Didn't He Shine".

After a while Gary Smith decided to leave the group.  This left the group without a drummer.  As luck would have it, Rick Hill, another friend of Duke and Mike, was available.  This was somewhat ironic as Duke, Mike and Rick had their own "Rock" band in high school called "Medieval Prophecy".  Rick joined the group on the drums and in 1974 "The Joyful Noise" recorded their 3rd album "Deliverance".  Between 1974 and 1977 several other members joined and left the group; Jeannie Pratt, Garland Cockram, Eugene Hubbard and Ronnie Lankford. The core members, Bill, Duke, Mike and Rick remained the same until one very unforgettable day in December of 1976 when a tragic traffic accident occurred and took the life of Bill's youngest son, Kenny, and left his oldest son, Donnie, an invalid.  The music of the "Joyful Noise" was temporarily stilled while Bill and his wife Jean dealt with the tragedy.  Their faith in God pulled them through this time and they continue to care for Donnie at home today.

In 1977 Rick and a good friend of his, Mike Bridges, went to Bill's house one evening and talked about the 'resurrection' of the "The Joyful Noise".  Mike had followed the "Noise" for years, and he knew all of their songs.  With his guitar in hand, the three had a jam session that night and "The Joyful Noise" was re-born.

In 1980 three other people joined the group, Dan & Carol Rodgers and Sonita Hill.  In 1981 the "Noise" recorded their 4th album called "God's Special Children".  Not long after "God's Special Children" Dan, Carol and Sonita left the group.  In 1982, George Smith, acoustical guitarist and bassist, joined the group.  George played with the group for a short time and left.  He was replaced by Darrell Cockram.

When Darrell left, George decided to play again and remained with the group for several years.  In 1983 Benny Pendleton joined the group, singing bass and playing keyboards.  In 1995 David Hylton joined the group on rhythm guitar.  David switched to the bass when George left the group.  In early 2000 Pete Hubbard joined the group playing the mandolin, along with Charlie Hughes on fiddle.  Pete's son, Coby, also joined the group as sound technician.  Charlie left the group a short time later.

Bill, Rick, Mike, Benny, David & Pete remained the "Noise" until 2005 when illness in one member's family caused the group to stop playing for over a year.  In 2006 the illness was overcome, but during that period Pete & Coby became involved with the local rescue squad and fire department.  Because of their commitment to this, they no longer had the time to play with the group.

The Joyful Noise released their 10th project "Where The Sky Meets The Mountains" in 2008.  Not long after the release of this project, David decided to leave the group.  This left the noise without a bass player for a short time.  In August of 2009 Curtis Coates began playing bass with the noise.  Curtis is an accomplished guitar player but is very adept on the bass as well.  Curtis' first gig with the noise was the Patrick County Fair in 2009.  Soon after the fair Curtis was longing to play the guitar and said his son, Colt, was a good bass player and wanted to ask him if he would be interested in playing.  Colt was interested and started attending practice and picked up where Curtis left off with the bass.  They both were welcome additions to the Joyful Noise.

In 2012 things changed again within the "Noise". Curtis and Colt were also performing on their own playing gigs all over the area.  Schedules started to conflict with one another and it was decided that Curtis and Colt would leave the "Noise" to continue their music.  This, again, left the "Noise" without a bass player but in 2013 David came to the rescue and decided to play with us again.  So now the "Noise" is back as it once was with Bill, Rick, Mike, Benny and David.